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Welcome to DS2001 CS Practicum!

My name is Piotr Sapiezynski and I will be your main teacher for the computer science practicum. You can reach me at sapiezynski@gmail.com or come to my office hours on Mondays 3-5pm at ISEC 655.

I have two great TAs:

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Nov 5, 2019: My office hours on Monday, November 11 are cancelled - I will be at a conference. Send me an email if you would like to meet on Thursday or Friday that week.

Oct 16, 2019: By October 23 you should have a project team ready (2-3 people) and an initial (one page) project proposal to discuss during class!

Sep 30, 2019: I am at a conference in Boston so the office hours are cancelled, and the practicum will be led by TAs. I am flying back to Boston on Monday Oct 7, if you'd like to come in for office hours please send me an email so I know to come to ISEC (I can be available from 8pm).